Red Horn Kratom- All You Need to Know

Red horn kratom is one of the rare varieties of kratom because it is harder to grow or cultivate it. It is therefore scarce and not readily available in every kratom market. Most people confuse red horn kratom with maeng da string because they almost look alike. However, these two species of kratom are different and have different effects. We have analysed various characteristics and effects of red horn kratom. Scroll down to learn more about this rare strain of Kratom.

The origin of the red horn kratom

It is generally believed that red horned kratom originated from Thailand. It is hard to cultivate, and most people grow it in small scales. This explains why it is rare and even Thailand, the place it originated, has not enough of it. Mostly it is sold before harvesting because of its high demand.

Effects of the red horn kratom

  1. It has an anesthetic effect

Red horn kratom has been used extensively to treat low pain and also chronic pain. It is for this reason that it is sometimes known as a natural painkiller. It is mostly used to suppress pain than it is used for pleasure and stimulation

  1. It has Euphoric effects

Use of red horn kratom leads to euphoric effects such as feelings of excitements and enjoyments when consumed in high doses. This effect makes you feel comfortable but can only lead to this feeling when you consume more than 9 grams.

  1. It is known to boost body energy

It is recommendable to take red horn kratom when you have an urgent task to perform such as reading for the exam. This is because it gives your body more energy that makes you perform the works with more vigor. It also suppresses appetite which can cause you to overwork without craving for food.

Red horn kratom dosage

The usage of this kratom is supposed to be looked with care because it is very potent. Also, just like in other kratoms, no specific dosage can be prescribed since these are natural products. Therefore, its use depends on the reaction of the body of the user. It is, therefore, recommendable to experiment and note the amount of grams that turns you. However, we can recommend a low quantity of 1 gram to 3 grams per day. Mostly, 1 gram is enough for the most people.

The dosage may also vary with the specific reasons of the use. For instance, if you are taking it for medical purposes such as to kill pain, a high dosage is recommendable. However, newbies should not take more than one gram for whatever reasons before they experiment with their body.

Using Kratom to Treat Anxiety

Kratom has long been used in Southeast Asia to cure a variety of things. Now, it is gaining popularity all over the world. One of the reasons for this is its effectiveness in treating anxiety. Here we will discuss why it works, how to make it work for you, and which strains have shown to be most effective in reducing anxiety. We will then discuss the proper dosage for treating anxiety.

Why it Works

Herbs and medicines used to combat anxiety due so by targeting chemicals in the body to improve mood. Many of them aim at Serotonin, which is effective. However, Kratom is more effective because it works similarly to opioids, like endorphins. Opioids are something that your body makes naturally to fight both pain and a low mood. Many people who suffer from psychological disorders such as chronic anxiety and depression are that way because of a deficiency of endogenous opioids, which Kratom treats, rather than Serotonin, which is what many other herbs will help with.

Whether your anxiety is caused by a medical condition or just the situation in your life, Kratom can be effective in finding relief.

How it Works

According to, Kratom works by acting as an agonist for opioid receptors. The leaves naturally have two of the essential alkaloids that bind to brain receptors. Kratom plays the same role in your body as natural opioids; it blocks pain receptors whilst creating an euphoric sensation. Compared to many pharmaceuticals, Kratom has a very low potential for side effects. When used properly, it also has a much lower chance of becoming addictive.

Which Strains to Use

There are three different types, or veins, of Kratom: red, green, and white. Red veins are considered to have too much of a sedative effect, making brain function difficult. For this reason, they are not recommended for use in treating anxiety.

Some of the more common strains for treating anxiety are Bali, Indo, and Borneo. Of these, Borneo is the one that will be discussed in this article. The Borneo strain is one of the most popular in the treatment of anxiety because it has the least side effects while still having the anxiety helping effect of other strains. It has high alkaloid levels, which is how it achieves its relaxing effect.


It is always a good idea to start with a low dosage and build as and if necessary. If you start too high, your tolerance will become high very quickly, shortening any potential benefit of Kratom. The most recommended dose to begin Kratom for anxiety is 0.5 to 1 gram. Depending on the strain, an average daily dose for anxiety treatment is 4 grams. Only you can decide what dose works best for you. Remember that any dose over 5 grams is considered to be high and any dose over 7 grams can be potentially dangerous.


Kratom is a great, natural way to help your body and mind feel better.

Indo Kratom

When it comes to kratom, Indonesia is easily the biggest exporter. It’s no doubt then that the best kinds of kratom come from that country. Indo Kratom is the result of the perfect mix of environment and weather conditions that are conducive to the growth and development of kratom strains that are as potent as they come.

The Effects

Kratom is known to bring a variety of effects depending on the kind of strain that’s being used particularly. Indo Kratom is known for its unique set of effects that no other kratom strain can provide. It’s good to take into consideration that the effects a kratom strain can bring will depend entirely on the plant and particular vein color. Some of the most common effects that Super Indo Kratom can bring include analgesic effects, relaxation and sedation effects, and mood lifting effects.

The pain relief effects of the Indo Kratom tend to last longer when compared to other strains. This is largely due to the potency of the Indonesian Kratom leaves. Red vein Indo strains are great if you’re looking for more sedative effects. Green or white Indo strains of kratom will bring you a completely different set of effects; you’ll be more energetic than anything.

You’ll also get the benefits of relieving your anxiety and lifting your mood altogether. You’ll have to figure out which Indo Kratom strain will bring you your desired effect. Some strains affect people differently than others, and it’ll also depend largely on the dosing. A couple of grams of Indo Kratom may lift your mood, but any more than that can easily put you in a more sedated state.

Best Kratom Strains

Indo Kratom is quite a broad term, and it encompasses a large number of kratom varieties. Some of the most popular and most favorite Indo Kratom strains among regular consumers include the Red Vein Indo and the White Vein Indo. Each one has its own characteristics and benefits. The Super Green Indo variety is also a great option for most people because of its potency.

Indo Kratom has been proven to work, and if there was one strain you should try, make sure that it’s a strain of Indo Kratom. You’ll have plenty to choose from, and all the strains are as great as any other.

The Untold Truth about Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom is a strain of Kratom popularized by the Thai people for its pain relieving and recreational benefits. It derives its name from the Thai word “Maeng Da”, which translates to “pimp grade” in English. The leaves of Maeng Da Kratom appear dark green in color. They also have a strong and pleasant smell. Users consume them with sweeteners since they have a bitter taste. The Thai people usually harvest the leaves and crush or grind them into powder. One can only use them when they’re in powder form.

Benefits of Consuming Maeng Da Kratom

This Kratom strain has a variety of uses and benefits. It is highly potent as compared to other Kratom strains since it contains a high concentration of alkaloids such as the flavonoids. Users of the strain consume it for euphoria or to boost their mood. The drug is also beneficial to the normal functioning of the brain. Studies suggest that it can help in enhancing people’s cognitive abilities when consumed.

Helps to Fight Fatigue

Maeng Da Kratom can help fight fatigue and provide relief to those involved in labor-intensive activities. This strain is ten times better in combating fatigue than coffee. Users can take it to energize the body. One can also take it to stay refreshed and to boost performance at work all day long.

Acts as a Painkiller

Most users of this strain rely on it for pain-relieving effects. Maeng Da Kratom is effective in alleviating different types of body pain when consumed consistently. It can also provide relief for mild and chronic pain. It is the perfect substitute for painkillers such as opioids.

Improves the Functioning of the Brain

Maeng Da Kratom has brain stimulating effects when consumed in the right way. Once consumed, it helps to improve the mental abilities of a person. The good thing about this strain is that it lacks side effects such as sweating and fatigue that are common in caffeine. It is ideal for those who undertake tasks that require a lot of brainstorming daily.

The Perfect Substitute for Anti-depressants

Instead of relying on anti-depressants to cure depression, people can consume Maeng Da Kratom for the same therapeutic purpose. The Maeng Da Kratom is also useful in treating other mental health illnesses such as anxiety and ADHD. However, one needs to take the right dosage for these therapeutic effects to kick in. The strain has calming effects on anxiety patients who use it. Those who find it hard to interact with the outside world can also consume the strain. It helps in boosting their self-esteem and controlling their social anxiety. It focuses on not only improving the physical health of a person but also improving one’s mental health.

How to Prepare and Brew a Cup of Green Malay Kratom Tea

Whether you’ve had a tough day at work, recovering from an exhaustive exercise routine, or suffering from the effects of pain, there’s nothing quite like enjoying the benefits of Green Malay Kratom, to help you rest, relax and recuperate. As many users know, Green Malaysian Kratom has been widely known for its ability to gently relax your system, while giving you an even, easy-going, euphoric feeling.

While ingesting Kratom using the ‘toss and wash’ method is often performed due to its convenience and ease of use, sometimes it’s better to just sit back with a good book, and have a nice cup of hot, steaming kratom tea. If you’re concerned that the tea will have a slightly bitter aftertaste, have no fear. If prepared correctly, your Green Malay Kratom tea will become quite palatable, having the flavor of a strong tea.

Green Malay Kratom Tea Dosage

If you are new to the kratom experience, make sure you purchase only the powdered leaf for making your tea, as this brings you the best effect. When it comes to figuring out the dosage, this will depend on your personal needs and how experienced you are taking kratom. Below we have included a basic dosage chart. Consider whether you are using Green Malay Kratom for pain relief, relaxation, recuperation or euphoria, and then carefully select the dosage which reflects your needs best.

  • 1 gram: Mild
  • 3 grams: Moderate
  • 5 grams: Intoxicating
  • 10 grams: Strong
  • 15 grams: Extremely strong

Please address dosage concerns carefully. If you are a novice with kratom, it is recommended that you begin at the lowest dose. Measure your doses carefully. Use measuring spoons or preferably, use a digital scale. Do not estimate. Remember only experienced kratom users should ever attempt 10 grams or higher.

To Boil or Simmer?

Begin with your water. Some kratom users do not like the idea of boiling their water, as they believe it removes some of the potency, so they simply bring it to a simmer. Other users prefer to use water at a full boil. Whichever method you select, know that many of the alkaloids, such as Mitragynine remain unaffected by high temperatures. If you are still concerned about protecting the potency, simply add the juice of one freshly squeezed lemon to the water to protect the alkaloids during heating.

To begin, take 1-1/2 to 2 cups of water, and heat it in an easy pour sauce pan or kettle. The type of water you choose depends on your personal taste. Since you’re brewing the tea to experience the health benefits of Green Malay Kratom, some users suggest staying away from tap water, especially if you live in an area where water from the tap contains high levels of chemicals, such as Flint, Michigan or Pensacola Florida.

In these cities, and many others around the world, tap water is infused with high levels of pesticides, pharmaceuticals, pathogens, lead and arsenic. To use such water to make a cup of healthy, kratom tea is unthinkable, so using bottled water is a good solution. You might find that the low mineral content of distilled water leaves the tea tasting dull. If that is the case, use only high quality spring water with a pH level of 7. Keep in mind that the more water you use in your tea, the more diluted the strength of your Kratom.

Next, place your kratom powder into your container of choice, and pour the water over the powder. Kratom does clump, so it might be wise to take a fork, instead of a spoon to stir your kratom thoroughly. You can also purchase a small whisk online, and that will generally break up the powder quite nicely. If you prefer a nice, smooth cup of sediment free kratom tea, simply place a strainer over a cup, and pour your solution. This should remove all sediment.

How to Make Kratom Tea Taste Better

Green Malay Kratom does not have the best flavor, so feel free to add some sugar, honey or even chocolate. Indeed, users have become quite skilled with the art of mixing other beverages with their kratom, to improve the quality of the taste, as well as its health benefits. As stated, some enjoy adding powdered chocolate, or chocolate flavored almond or cashew milk.

Other suggestions include creating ‘fruit flavored teas’. Simply add grapefruit, pineapple, orange or blueberries to your tea. By searching for ‘homemade flavored tea recipes’ online, you can get extremely creative with flavors. There, you’ll find recipes for raspberry teas, blueberry teas, peach and strawberry teas. While these recipes are for standard teas, they can be adapted to make your Green Malay Kratom tea taste most flavorful!


As you can see, it is quite simple to enjoy the benefits of Green Malay Kratom as a tea. By brewing it as a tea, you are free to add other ingredients to assist in the flavor as well as experience additional health benefits. If you own a juicer, please feel free to take advantage, and juice some oranges, pineapples, grapefruit and more, and add that juice to you tea. This way you’ll not only be getting the benefits of the kratom, but also ingest the nutrients from the freshly juiced fruits. As always, please be cautious with your kratom dosage, keeping it at the low end for beginners, and keeping the stronger doses for the more experienced users.